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Are you planning a private or business event which is to be captured in pictures and for which prints will be required?

  • We offer a full photo service for your event. One of our professional photographers will take the photographs and display the event in its best light.
  • You will receive advance details of the Internet address where the photographs of the event will later be found. A username and password will be made available for a closed group of persons if required.
  • The photographs will be available on an event page shortly after the event ends.
    But your photographic prints will be produced from the original photograph, so you will receive the photographs in brilliant quality and maximum resolution on premium photographic paper.

Party of the officers Bellevue-Palace Bern 13. Januaray 2018

Sylvester 2017 in the Hotel Beatus in Merligen

Handballgruppe Bödeli Pictures of Groups 2017-18

Andresler Bönigen 30. November 2017

Offiziersball der Luftwaffe Bellevue-Palace Bern 24-11-17

Coiffure Suisse Herbstseminar 13. November 2017 in Interlaken

Offiziersball der der Luftwaffe Bellevue-Palace Bern 29-9-17

Unspunnen Schwinget 2017

Offiziersball der Luftwaffe Bellevue-Palace Bern 09-6-17

Konfirmationsfotos Interlaken und Matten 2017

Offiziersball der Luftwaffe Bellevue-Palace Bern 10-2-17

Party of the officers Bellevue Palace Bern 14. January 2017

Andresler Bönigen 30. November 2016

Sylvester 2016 in the Hotel Beatus Merligen

Coiffure Suisse 15-11-16 in Interlaken VJ

Unspunnen Schwinget 2011

Unspunnen-Festival 1.-3. September 2006

protected event

Portrait Borter-Fontana 19-3-18

Portraitphotos Kusek Lerch 28-2-18

Malteser Ball 3. Februar 2018 Bellevue Bern

Mobiliar Interlaken Oberhasli Kundenanlass 2018

Fotoshooting Emurli Samire

STEP in Interlaken 30.1.18 und 1.2.18

VW Kursaal Interlaken 12-1-18

Gemsberg SQ Fotos vom 6. Januar 2018

Blaesig family pictures 1-1-18

Portrait Hamed Ahmadi 29-12-17

Portrait Schudel Svenja 09-12-17

Portrait Weber Ingo 4-12-17

Portrait Baumann Stephan 16-11-17

Portrait Conus Sheryl 10-11-17

Portrait Orzel Sandra 31-10-17

Portrait Fuchs Agnes 6-10-17

Portrait Reusser Naomi 27-9-17

Portrait Zürcher Gilbert 23-9-17

Wedding Ritschard-Bhend Beat und Angela 23-9-17

Wedding Streuli-Nufer and Michaela 16-9-17

Wedding Mayer-Balmer Michael, Fabienne und Eline 9-9-17

Hochzeit Baumann-Bühler Reto und Carmen 2-9-17

Wedding Pichler-Mühlemann Martin und Ruth 19-8-17

Portrait Balmer Seline 7-8-17

Wedding Blaser-Hunz Peter und Claudia 5-8-17

Wedding Kammer-Michel Sacha und Michelle 15-7-17

Family Shooting Grossniklaus 28-10-2017

Von Gunten Daniela

Paaraufnahmen Brügger Andrea-Ineichen Roman 8-7-17

Wedding Roth-Schneider Thomas und Sarah 01-7-17

Family Shooting Müller Daniel 10-06-2017

Malteser Ball 4. Februar 2017

Example pictures of the castel of Interlaken